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When you have plan to traveling to Canada, you must find out information about this country. However, are you sure you know all about Canada? Let’s check out these interesting facts about Canada and Canadian that you probably didn’t know.

1. Canada is the second largest country in the world

Only Russia has a larger land area in the world. Canada’s total area measures a total of 9.984 million square kilometers.

2. Canadians drink a lot of Beer

80% of all alcohol consumed is beer, about 22,700,000 hectolitres of beer per year

3. One of the friendliest countries in the world

I have never met a rude Canadian, and several reports list the Canucks as one of the friendliest and polite people in the world.

4. The World’s most educated country

At least 56% of the total population have earned some sort of degree for their education after high-school. That’s 6% more than Japan at second place. That’s quite an achievement and something to be proud of!

5. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined

There are 3 million lakes in Canada if you include smaller lakes as well. That’s more lakes than what the rest of the world has combined. Another interesting fact here is that they also have 20% of the world’s freshwater here.

6. Home to the biggest population of wild bears

Of 25 000 Polar Bears, about 15 000 live in the northern parts of Canada. But it’s also home to large populations of Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Kermode Bears. The vast nature and area are perfect habitats for these majestic animals.

7. Canada is home to vast forests

The forest cover in Canada is unrivaled in North America, with its forests covering more than 40% of its total land area. The country’s forests cover a total area of 979 million hectares and make Canada home to the second-largest forest cover in the world (again only exceeded by Russia).

8. The longest coastline in the world

If you would walk non-stop around the Canadian coastline, it would take about 4.5 years. Their coastline measures a total of 202,080 kilometers and is the longest coastline in the world!

9. Canada is cold

The lowest recorded temperature in Canada was in Snag, Yukon Territories at -63C. Canada is cold, but it isn’t the coldest country in the world. Antarctica, Russia, and Greenland are colder.

10. The national animal of Canada is the Beaver

It became the national symbol of Canada in 1975. It seems like a strange choice, but the beaver played a large role in building Canada. Canada was built on the fur trade and the beaver was in high demand for its pelt.