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Costa Rica is an inspired destination with tropical shores, rainforests brimming with exotic creatures and imposing volcanoes. There are many things to do in Costa Rica but you should consider the following things before traveling to Costa Rica.

1. Costa Rica is a natural nirvana

Costa Rica is home of the largest rainforest with nearly 100 species of trees. Giant versions of orchids, as well as the expected sloths, monkeys, and copious birds, can be found while venturing into the Costa Rica rainforest depths.

2. Getting there is easy

It is easy to get to Costa Rica with an abundance of direct flights available from major capitals cities around the world.

3. USD is totally acceptable

The colón is the currency of Costa Rica, but just about anywhere will accept USD as payment too. US dollars are widly accepted – national parks, restaurants and tour companies are all accepted dollars and give changes in colónes. Most ATMs also dispense US dollars.

4. Costa Rica is incredibly eco-friendly

Costa Rica is one of the greenest country on the plannet and offers an abundance of environmentally-friendly excursions

5. The foods is delicious but can be spicy

If you want to dive into the culture of Costa Rica you have to try its food. Costa Rican food is tasty rather than spicy. Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day. Due to the location of the country, tropical fruits and vegetables are readily available and included in the local cuisine.

6. It is great space to learn to surf

Costa Rica has over 1,200km of coastline, and approximately 300 beaches which provide the best places to surf for beginer. The waves in general are awesome for their small size and are easy to catch. Sometimes though the swell is too big and these spots are not safe or easy. And at other times they are too small to surf and you’ll just be practicing your paddling form. However, the vast majority of the time they are perfect for learning to surf in Costa Rica.

7. Visit its many volcanos

Resting on the edge of the Pacific rim’s Ring of Fire, Costa Rica has some of the world’s most magnificent active volcanoes. Additionally, there are over 120 volcanic sites throughout the country! Most of Costa Rica’s volcanoes have become national parks or protected areas. Whatever you are planning to do there, the Volcanoes will amaze you. Each Volcano National Park is extraordinary, as each volcano has its unique character, environment, flora and fauna, tourist attractions and micro-climates! Poas, Irazu, Turrialba, Rincon de la Vieja, and Arenal are the most beloved volcanoes in Costa Rica.

8. You might be to visit without a visa

American, Australian, British, Canadian and EU nationals do not need a visa to visit Costa Rica, but other nationalities are advised to contact there embassy with regard to there status.

9. Renting A Car

Seeing the country by car is a great experience. Although it is recommended to hire a drive service (ie car and driver) or collective transport such as minivans for groups and for the adventurer in you, by bus, renting a car is a common option by many.

10. Police can stop and ask for your papers at any time

In Costa Rica, police are legally allowed to stop any car and ask for papers. Always have a color copy of your passport and photo of your tourist stamp with you. Remember that to legally drive in Costa Rica as a tourist, you need to have your original passport (not a color copy), your original driver’s license and a valid tourist stamp with you.