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Sweden is a stunning country made up of thousands of islands, beautiful lakes, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains. Along with unparalleled natural beauty, Sweden also has a long and exciting history. This country is ideal destination for your holiday. Below are some useful tips that you should know when the first time you travel to Sweden.

1. Language

The official languages in Sweden are Swedish, Finnish, Yiddish, and Romani. Learning Swedish should definitely be on your to-do list, for learning to pronounce the names of Swedish locations, money, basic travel questions and definitely, food-related terms would be extremely useful. However, don’t worried if you only know English, they are fairly versed in the English language.

2. Season

In summer, the day is crazy long here. The sun rises at 3:30am & sun sets at 10:30 pm. But midsummer is a time when the locals themselves take a break to enjoy the country, leaving their shops closed, probably leaving you untended if you happen to be there at that time. Therefore, you should plan to visit Sweden in the winter to enjoy all adventures here including staying in the Icehotel or Treehotel, witnessing the midnight sun, the Northern Lights, dog sledding, ice skiing; all of these would be an experience of a lifetime. May to September is the best time to visit Sweden. The weather is warm and pleasant.

3.Go Cashless

As you may know, Konnor is national currency of Sweden. However, most of restaurants, hotels bars as well as museum do not deal with cash. It is because of the moving to cashless policy of Sweden government in order to tighten security and cease tax evasion. Therefore, before traveling to Sweden you should get your international credit cards and mastercards ready.

4. Transportation And Sightseeing

Traveling in Sweden is expensive, we will suggest some useful tips to decrease your expenditure. First and foremost, avoid hailing taxis. You would be better off seeking the convenience of public transport. They would be easier on your pocket. Purchasing a tourism card upon arrival is a good idea to make your sightseeing trips easier. These cards offer the entry fees for major tourist attractions including all museums, churches, etc. In addition, buying metro cards and rail passes would also save you a few more money. If you travel to Sweden alone, bike and cycle rentals would be the most economical choice.

5. Accommodation

Accommodation in Sweden is not too expensive. The renowned Icehotel and Treehotel sure does give you an exceptional experience, but it also comes with a price. You must spend about 400-700 SEK for a comfortable room. To save your money, you can enjoy wild camping all around Sweden aand it’s totally legal or availing accommodation at a campsite would cost you only around 150 SEK.

6. Food & Water

You can save a part of your budget if you choose the street vendors and supermarkets to source your meals instead of eating in expensive and elegant restaurants. With the eco-friendly policy prominent in Sweden, bottled water is a strict no-no. Instead, you can use tap water which is crystal clear and deliciously cool.

7. Alcohol & Smoking

Restaurants and bars are very expensive when it comes to buying alcohol, and here, you wouldn’t find beverages with more than 3% alcohol either. A good idea for drink is beer. Beer is the cheapest form of liquor in Sweden.

8. Go Island hopping

Island hopping around the islands in Sweden can give you a refreshing change of scene with quaint hamlets filled with a rich heritage and several activities to do. The archipelago of Sweden consists of thousands of islands spread all around the country’s coast. You can catch a ferry ride to the largest islands.

9. Some important travel tips

  • • Always follow the rules of the country you are traveling.
  • •  The Swedish loves their personal space, so don’t go touchy-feely with them.
  • • Do not disrespect the Swedish beer or anything native. They are extremely proud of their own.
  • •  No late night wanderings and keep your wallets in your front pocket.
  • •  Don’t accept free rides from strangers.
  • •  Pay to pee – Having 5/10 kroner handy will be helpful in case you need to use public toilets.
  • •  Carry a reusable plastic cover, bags and bottles because Sweden is an environmentally-conscious country.
  • •  Maintain a queue and wait for your turn.
  • •  Don’t be flashy. You will be subject to rebuke and avoidance if you appear in eye-catching costumes.