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There are a lot activities for you to choose for your trip depending on your hobbies and your budget. First, you need to decide if you are going to come here during summer or winter – or somewhere in between. Second, you need to choose where to go. Finland is large country

If you are going to traveling Finland but this is the first time of you, check out the following suggestions for best things to do in Finland.

1. visit a lighthouse island

Finland’s coast has the largest archipelago in the world. And when there are islands, there are lighthouses. And what kind of lighthouses they are! Many are possible to visit during a day trip, some you can spend a night in. You can visit Bengtskär on the west coast. If you wish to stay the night, the island has six lighthouse keeper’s rooms to stay in. Book early to avoid disappointment. Söderskär lighthouse in Helsinki also a must-see place.

2. Stroll around an old wooden town

Finland has a lot of ancient houses that is made of wood, the reason may be 70 percent of the land is covered by forest. Today, it is still possible to see those wooden houses that date back hundred, even three hundred years. Such Helsinki districts as Käpylä and Vallila are good places to visit.

3. Visit a UNESCO site

There are seven UNESCO world heritage in which 6 cultural and 1 natural. One of the most well-known is the fortress island Suomenlinna in Helsinki. Comprising of seven islands, Suomenlinna is full of old fortresses and dungeons. Moreover, it is also an inhabited district of the city of Helsinki and a much-loved getaway for many helsinkians.

4. Visit one of the Finland National Parks

There are 40 national parks scattered around the country’s archipelago, lakes, forests and fells. In the winter, one can try snow shoeing or skiing and in the summer, hiking in Finland. You can go camping in the forests as long as you respect the nature and clean after yourself.

5. Ride a reindeer or a husky sleigh

When talk about Finland, we often think about Santa or reindeer. One of the most interesting activities that you can join here is riding a reindeer or a husky sleigh. When visiting Lapland, you can try riding with a pack of huskies from 15 minutes to excursions that last for days. Reindeer rides are usually shorter and more suitable for small children. Both husky and reindeer rides are usually available from late October till late spring, even early summer.

6. Meet the Real Santa

Do you know Finland is hometown of Santa? it is possible to meet Santa in person all year round. Santa’s official office, situated on the mysterious Arctic Circle, in the city of Rovaniemi is open each day of the year. You and your children can meet Santa, enjoy a private chat with him and revel in the enchanted atmosphere.

7. pick berries and mushrooms in a forest

To truly experience the Finnish way of living and the closeness to nature of people in Finland, you should go berry or mushroom picking in the forest. Best berry-picking season lasts from end of July until September. Mushrooms can be picked from late summer until the snow comes. This will be a healthy activity and help you to relax.

8. ski under the northern lights or the midnight sun

It is impossible in other countries but it is real in Finland. In the northernmost parts of the country, seeing the Northern Lights is almost guaranteed every other winter night. On the other hand, the days are so long by May that sometimes the fells are still covered in snow when the sun decides to stay up all night.

9. sweat in a sauna and hop into the lake

There are over three million saunas in Finland and around 188 000 lakes. The greatest past-time of the Finns is to go to the sauna – every week. It is such an integral part of Finnish culture and identity that Helsinki wants to promote it to visitors and show them why Finns love their saunas so much.