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Australia is a great place to visit, whether you are staying for a holiday, to see friends or relatives, or to work or study for a short time. Regardless of how long you intend to stay, you must have a valid Australian visa if you want to visit Australia.


Transit without visa

Holders of the following passports can transit through Australia without visa if they depart Australia by air within 8 hours of the scheduled time of their arrival, hold confirmed onward booking and documentation necessary to enter the country of their destination and remain in the transit lounge at an airport:

 Marshall Islands

  Papua New Guinea
 Solomon Islands
 South Africa
 United Arab Emirates

  • Nationals of  Taiwan holding ordinary Taiwan passports (other than official or diplomatic passports).
  • Persons holding British passports (irrespective of endorsement in passport regarding national status).
  • Persons who hold diplomatic passports, except nationals of these countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Comoros, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and Arab Non-National Passport Holders (ANNPH).


These are some common types of Australia visa that you should obtain before entering Australia.

Student visa

This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognised education institution.​ You must be at least six years of age; have been accepted to study at an educational institution in Australia; have health insurance.

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Visitor visa

This visa lets you travel to Australia to have a holiday or visit family and friends in Australia, study in Australia for up to three months or engage in business visitor activities while in Australia.

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Medical Treatment visa (subclass 602)

The Medical Treatment visa is for people to have medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia. You cannot apply for this visa to have medical treatment for surrogate motherhood.

Working Holiday visa

It is issued for people aged 18 to 30 years of age, who are interested to have an extended holiday while supplementing their funds with short-term work of up to 12 months (with a maximum of 6 months with one employer)

Student Guardian

Provides for certain persons to reside with a student in Australia, where the student requires a guardian, ie: the student is under 18 years of age.

Temporary Graduate

This visa allows eligible international students who have completed an Australian education to stay in Australia to gain work experience. You can work in Australia for a period of 18 months and up to 4 years, depending on your qualification. This visa does not restrict the type of work you may do or the number of hours you may work.

Transit Visas

If you want to make a short stopover in Australia on your way to another country, you will need to hold an Australia visa. This allow you to enter and stay in Australia for up to 72 hours.

Business Migration

People have the money and want to invest in a Business in Australia.

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General Skilled Migration

This types of visa have been designed for the foreign skilled workers who meet the other required criteria and having the skills needed by the Australian labour market.

Sponsored work visas

These particular categories of visa are for the individuals who are meet the other required criteria and sponsored by a recognized Australian Employer or a government agency of a state or territory.


Applicants can apply for Australian visas online or offline. For the online applications, every other application process is done online except for the biometric information which would be done through the visa application center.

Step 1: Collect documents

Download visa application and gather all the necessary supporting documents

Step 2: Book an appointment

Book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre. Then submit you visa application form alongside with all supporting documents.

Step 3: Provide biometric information

You will need to provide your biometrics at an Australian Visa Application Centre. They will take a photo of your face with a digital camera and scan all 10 of your fingertips with a digital finger scanner.

Step 4: Wait for visa decision

Wait for visa application being processed for a decision. It might take about 4 weeks to process the visa.


Depending on the case and type of visa, the cost of Australia visa ranges from AUS 140 to AUD 575. To know exactly how much you have to pay for your visa, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate to get latest information.

Student visa: Cost : From AUD 575

Visitor visa: The base application charge for this visa ranges from AUD140 to AUD1045.

Medical treatment visa: From AUD 290

Working holiday visa: The fee is per person and includes the AU$450 visa application fee. The fee is per person and includes the AU$450 visa application fee.

Student Guardian: The cost of applying for the Student Guardian visa (subclass 590) is AUD $560.00.

Transit visas: free of charge, however, you could have to pay other costs, such as the costs of health assessments and police certificates, or any other certificates or tests.

Temporary Graduate : The cost of applying for the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) starts from AUD $1500.00.


  1. Accomplished online application form. No need to print anything. You will be filling this out after creating an account. The form has 20 pages, so completing it can take a while, but it’s easy.
  2. Passport-size photo. Soft copy. White background.
  3. Copy of passport info page. Scanned. Must be clear.
  4. Evidence of financial capacity. One of the following:
    – Personal bank statement
    – ITR or tax document
    – Payslips
    – Title deed
    – Retirement pension book
  5. Travel history. You’ll be asked to provide scanned copies of the pages of your OLD and CURRENT passports that have entry and exit stamps and visas.
  6. Evidence of employment or business ownership. For employees, it can be any or all of the following:
    – Certificate of employment, explaining your role in the company
    – Evidence of leave
    For self-employed individuals or business-owners, any or all of the following will be accepted:
    – Business registration documents
    – Finance sheets (profits and losses)
    For students
    – Certificate of enrolment
  7. Evidence of family composition (recommended). It can be any of the following:
    – Form 54 (Family Composition)
    – PSA Birth Certificate
  8. Evidence of Planned Tourism Activities. (For Tourist Stream ONLY)
    – Day-to-day itinerary (daily schedule showing the places you will visit and things you will do)
  9. Evidence of Business-Related Reason for Travel. (For Business Stream ONLY.) It can be any or all of the following:
    – Conference registration
    – Details of previous contacts with Australian company or organization
    – Letter from employer explaining the reason for traveling
  10. Visa Fee (AUD140). Credit card, debit card, PayPal, and UnionPay are accepted.

Depending on each cases, your visa application may be required to have:

  1. Letter of invitation. Only if you’re visiting a friend or relative. Best if you have photos with that friend and relative showing that you really know each other.
  2. Identification Documents of Sponsor. If you declare that your trip will be paid for by someone other than yourself.
  3. Evidence that your sponsor in Australia can financially support your trip. If you declare that your trip will be paid for by someone other than yourself.
  4. Marriage Certificate. If your current last name is different from your last name in your birth certificate.


To apply for a visa, applications must complete an Australia visa application form dowloaded from this website then print and sign it before go to the visa application centre.


It may take from 5 days to 33 months for Australia Visa for processing depending on the types of visa. Processing times are impacted each month by changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, complex cases, and incomplete applications.

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