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Czech is a beautiful country for travel and explore with numerous of tourist attractions. If this is the first time you travel to Czech, check out the following must-try dishes.

1. Palačinky

This is the thin Czech pancakes look similar to French crepes but are prepared with a different cooking method and batter. This type of pancakes are often rolled up and served with fillings such as jam, fruit, cream or nuts, it is an ideal treat for those with a sweet tooth. This food can be found easily in cafes around the city center, as well as at food carts around the city.

2. Trdelník

Trdelník is a traditional food of Slovak, made by wrapping the pastry dough around a wooden or metal stick, roasting it over an open flame and coated with sugar or cinnamon. It is usually served warm and topped with a dusting of sugar, nuts or cinnamon. This is common street food in Prague.

3. Chlebíčky

This is suitable dish for vegetables lover. Chlebíčky is an open-faced sandwich that is consumed for breakfast and lunch, for it makes for a quick and filling meal. It often have a variety of toppings such as egg, ham, salami, pickles, and cucumber.

4. Smažený Sýr

If you love cheese, this dish is for you. This is a dish of deep-fried cheese served with fries, salad or a bread roll, will send you straight into cheese paradise. You can easy find it at street vendors.

5. Knedlíky

Knedlíky are traditional savory and sweet dumplings created with various ingredients. Knedlíky are shortly cooked in boiling water and usually served hot, doused in melted butter, and sprinkled with sugar and crumbled quark cheese.

6. Grilované Klobásy

This is a quick dish that can satisfy your taste. It consists of grilled sausages tucked into a roll and served with a variety of tasty sauces. You will easily find stalls selling this item in Wenceslas Square and the vicinity of Old Town Square.

7. Buchty

Buchty is a traditional sweet yeast dough buns. They consist of a light, buttery dough that is occasionally enriched with fragrant vanilla or citrus flavorings. You can find this dish at many restaurant or Espresso bar.