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If you are going to the US for the purpose of study, then this F1 Visa is what you need to apply. It is mandatory to have this F1 Visa approved before entering the US to start your study at a college, university or courses. You need to know the requirements in order to understand the step by step to do the application process and how to be qualified for this visa. This is a Non-immigrant visa for your temporary stay during your study period. Read more about U.S. Student Visa

This F1 visa requires you to show proof of the paper that you have been accepted by a college or school or other education institutions in the US. You also need to prove that you will return to your home country once your study is finished. Interview is needed in person and the motivations and other proofs will be asked by the officer who will have the interview with you. Another important thing is the proof of financial support during the time you are studying in the US. The living & study expenses have to be covered and you need to know that the opportunities of legal vacancies are limited in the US. The length period of the F1 Visa is normally last for 5 years, but in some cases it can expire before 5 years. 

When do you must renew F1 Visa?

F1 Visa renewal can be done before your current visa is expired. As it is mentioned above that the validity can vary from one to another. The renewal is preferred to be done at your home country before the previous visa is expired to avoid any issue or being banned. In some cases, the renewal can also be done automatically by using the Automatic Visa Revalidation. The best time is in between your study, otherwise if your study has ended, you will not be able to renew your F1 Visa. 

How to renew F1 visa?

To renew your F1 Visa, you have 2 options. First is to do it in the home country where you are from. You are also able to do it from another country and just simply go to the US Embassy to apply for the renewal. You may also use another option which is Automatic Visa Revalidation. You will need to fill the DS-160 Form online. You might not need an interview but you will still need to submit some documents such as a letter describing your academic program, your activity in the US, the resume of your transcript, and proof that your will return to your home country. These should work out to get the visa renewed.

Documents required for F1 visa application or renewal

– I-20 form

–  Online Visa Application Form DS-160

–  Passport (valid six months into the future)

– One 2×2 photograph

– Visa application fee receipt

– SEVIS fee payment receipt

– Financial documents; Financial Guarantee or Bank letter showing proof that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in the U.S.

– Transcripts from previous schools you have attended (not always required)

– Other documents may be required.  Check with the U.S. embassy/consulate in your country for a complete list of required documents.

What should I do if I cannot renew F1 visa

This can happen to some students. In order to solve this issue, you will need to follow some options.

–  The first one if to get a sponsorship visa, called H-1B Visa. Your status will be changed and you can stay and work in the US up to 6 years. After that, you are also able to try the petition to get yourself a Green Card.

– The second option is by becoming an investor and the investment must be between $500K up to $1 million. You will be qualified for EB-5 Visa. The last option is to get married with a US citizen if you happen to fall in love with somebody from the US during your study period. 

From all the above, it is important for you to ensure that you have health insurance to get the full coverage while you are in the US. If an accident happens, you will be covered and this is the only way for you to protect yourself from huge unexpected expense during your study period. Comparison is also important to get the best price and best coverage from the insurance company.

Where to renew your F1 visa?

You can only renew your F1 visa from outside of US. You can renew at your home country or other countries in the world. However, it is recommend that you should submit your renewal for F1 visa at the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country.