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When you take a flight to or from this country to other countries, you will need to fill up a certain document for your Visa. It’s called a flight itinerary. This is an important document that you have to use as permission and part of your Visa application. A Roundtrip Flight Itinerary increases chances of the visa approval. Here, we are going to find out about what this document is, and how you use it for the Visa application.

What is Flight Itinerary?

Flight itinerary is a proposed flight route for your travel and includes details like the airports, dates, and times of your flight(s). You will need it before you take a flight to your destination. The route that has been written in the flight itinerary also will become the information used to apply for Visa. As we all know, whenever you enter a country or transit in one country to continue your flight later, you will need approval on your Visa. And, the staff will check it whether you use the correct route as your flight itinerary or not, before giving you approval. 

Flight itinerary is also known as Booked Flight Itinerary, Flight Itinerary for Visa Application, Flight Reservation, Air Ticket Booking, Dummy Air Ticket for Visa, Dummy Ticket, Flight Confirmation.

How to Get a Flight Itinerary for the Visa Application?

Knowing how important a flight itinerary is, now you also need to know how to get it. It’s easy. There are two methods to get your flight itinerary.

1. The first method is by purchasing a refundable flight ticket. When your embassy obligates you to get a flight itinerary, this is the best method to get one. In case your visa application is rejected, you can get your money back for the ticket you have bought. 

When you purchase the ticket, you also can ask the airlines or travel agency where you purchased the flight itinerary that you need. They will give you for free. And, you can use it for visa application.

2. The other method is by purchasing FareLock from United Airlines. You need to get a reserved flight ticket, which you can hold for up to 7 days. And, while you hold this ticket; you also can get your flight itinerary, which you can use for applying for a Visa. This method is way cheaper than the first method. So, it’s a perfect choice for you who don’t have too much budget.

Why We Must Have Fight Itinerary for Visa Application?

When you apply to get your visa, the embassy will need exact data on your journey, especially the date when you leave and return. This data will be used to determine how long you can stay and your Visa validity. Moreover, the flight itinerary also is used to determine your whereabouts during your travel at a certain date. It’s important for your safety.

Flight Itinerary Options

There are several types of flight itinerary you can get, according to the requirement that your embassy give to you, as follows:

  • • One-way itinerary,
  • • Round-trip itinerary,
  • •  Multiple-city itinerary,
  • •  Multiple-airline itinerary,
  • •  Group travel itinerary.

Make sure you get the right type, so you can get the approval for your Visa application. Of course, with a complete document, you also can have a safe and comfortable journey without worrying about law problems. For more information, you can always take a look at your embassy website.