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A visa photo is a mandatory required document that any people must submit when they want to apply for a German visa. However, the visa photo requirements are very strict, you should pay attention to avoid problems with visa photo leading to unnecessary delays.

Format of the photo

Your face should takes 70 to 80 percent of the whole photo. This corresponds to a height of 32 – 36mm. If your photo size is over this limited height, it will be rejected. Your face in the photo don’t pose to close, too far or not in a centered position when taking a photo.

Focus of the photo

Your photo must be clear and have proper contrast. Make sure the photo is not blurred, is too light or contrast. The face of the applicant in the photo must be sharply focused and have a strong contrast.

Brightness of the photo

When you take your photo, you should completely avoid reflections, shadows, and red eyes in your photo. It will make your photo is not clear to see.

Photo Background

Background should be a one color. It is recommended to take in ideally neutral grey background that is bright and gives face and hair the needed contrast. Background with objects and other people will not be accepted.

Quality of the Photo

Your photo’s resolution should be at least 600 dpi and you should print your photo in high quality paper. Your skin in photo must be in natural white, avoiding creases and layers.

Head and eyes

Your eyes should keep natural look and focus on the camera with a mouth closed. Your eyes must fully open and not covered by hair, glass frames or else. You should not wear glasses, if you do, make sure not to have flash reflections off the lenses on your photo and don’t wear tinted glasses or sunglasses. Hats or head covering are not permitted, therefore you should not wear anything on your head. The only exception is for religious headwear, and even then, the face must be clearly visible from the lower tip of the chin to the forehead.

Rules for Children and babies

There are some different requirements for children under 9 years old. For children aged 9 and under, the face should take up 50 – 80% of the photo. This mean that the face should measure between 22 and 36mm. Children aged 5 and under do not need to have a neutral expression or look directly at the camera, and their heads do not have to be centered in the photo. For babies under one year is not required to have their eyes open.