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If you plan to travel to Spain, there are a lot interesting things for you to explore in this big country. Below are some interesting facts about Spain that you may not know. Read these fact will help you understand more clearly about Spain’s culture and decide which destination should you visit in your trip in Spain.

1. The World’s largest producer of Olive Oil

When you think of Olive Oil, It is not Italy but Spain is the country produce most Olive Oil in the word. It produces about 44% of the total amount of Olive Oil in the world! Andalusia is the region that produces the most Olive Oil.

2. More than 8000 Kilometers of beaches

If you combine all Spanish beaches into on stretch, it would be 8000 kilometers long (approx. 4 970 miles). That is reason why Spain is considered as one of the most popular destinations for a sunny vacation! Many of the best beaches in Europe are found in Spain.

3. Spanish is the world’s second most spoken mother tongue

Many people think that English is the most widely spoken language in the world overall, but most people have English as their second language. In terms of Mother Tongue, the Chinese language triumph the first place, and Spanish comes in at second. One of the reason Spanish language have spread worldwide is in the past The Spaniard had traveled and conquered around the world. And that’s certainly one of the most interesting facts about Spain and the country’s history.

4. Enjoying life

The Spaniards live positive, enjoy the life and relax whenever possible. You can feel this throughout the Spanish culture. The expression Mañana Mañana literally means “tomorrow tomorrow” but is commonly used as “no stress” or to express that there’s no need to worry because things will work out fine. It’s perhaps also why both food and wine is very important as well as the family. Spaniards enjoy their free time, they will not work to death as many other countries. However, they tend to work more overtime nowadays.

5. The second biggest country in the EU

Only France is bigger when it comes to countries that are members of the European Union. If you count Russia and Ukraine, Spain is the fourth largest country in European’s countries overall after France, Russia and Ukraine.

6. Personal consumption of Cannabis is legal in Spain

Cannabis is banned in many countries around the world. Spain is one of the few countries in Europe where it’s legal to consume cannabis. Cultivation is also allowed as long as it’s for personal use. However, it’s not legal to smoke cannabis in public, even if it has been decriminalized.

7. There’s a Spanish New Year’s custom where you eat 12 grapes

A pretty unusual but fun tradition which aims to eat 12 grapes with one’s family when the clock turns 12. The goal is to eat 1 grape each time the clock hits a beat. If you succeed, it’s said that you’ll get lucky for the rest of the year. The tradition was made popular by the wineries, who wanted to get rid of excess grapes.

8. Spain has 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Spain‘s culture is so diverse and divided between the different region. Every region has their own specialties and traditions. That is the reason why it became one of the world’s most diverse cultures. Only Italy and China has more UNESCO world heritage sites. If you like history, then it’s a good idea to visit Spain!

9. More than 1 million hectares is dedicated for wine

The fact is, Spain has the highest amount of bars in all of Europe, and there are cafées and bars open both during the day and evening/night. There’s no shortage of wine when it comes to Spanish wines, and there are lots of variations. Besides regular white and red wine, Spaniards have a lot of vineyards to produce Cava, which is the Spanish equivalent to Champagne.

10. Spain still has a king

Just like Sweden and the United Kingdom, Spain has a king, which is still the head of state, but with little to none power over the country’s laws and regulations. The current King of Spain is Felipe VI.

11. Fun Facts about Spain

  • • There is no law against public nudity
  • • The national anthem of Spain has no words
  • • Spain’s Christmas lottery has the world’s biggest payout – It’s called El Gordo (which translates to the fat one)
  • • It’s the only European country with cities on African soil – Ceuta and Melilla.
  • • La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Spain where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other