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A letter of invitation is a letter written by a United States citizen or legal resident, confirming that they are willing to admit into their house an international with whom they have family ties or friendship, and also that they have enough room for the visitor for the entire period of their stay in the US.

If you are US citizens or lawful permanent resident and have a friend who want to visit US as a tourist ( US visitor visa). You may help your friend by writing a letter of invitation. It is not a requirement but it can help smooth the way.

What Should You write in your invitation letter?

Don’t worried, just write as a personal letter. Make sure to include both your and the recipient’s name and full address, for example using the format shown below.

Your letter should include:

•   The purpose of visit, what places recipient will visit,

  How long the visitor will be staying with you or where you’ve made arrangements for him or her to stay,

  How much of the person’s expenses in the U.S., if any, you plan to cover,

•  Whether you will be covering the person’s transportation to and from the United States

How to Write a Letter of Invitation for US Visitor Visa?

The letter should be personal so that you will show the close relationship with the guest. Anyway, the content of the letter should include the following information:

   Host’s full name.

    Host’s date of birth.

    Host’s address and telephone number in the United States.

•     Host’s occupation.

   Host’s status in the United States.

  A photocopy of a document proving the host’s status in the United States.

  Guest’s full name.

  Guest’s date of birth.

  Guest’s address and telephone number.

  Guest’s relationship to the host.

   The purpose of the trip.

   Information on how long the guest intends to stay in the United States of America (specific dates).

  Details on accommodation and living expenses.

  Signature of the host.

See more simple of invitation letter for US visa.

Additional Documents

When tourist apply for a US visitor visa, the following documents will be submitted with the invitation letter:

•   A scanned copy of host’s ID / passport

•   Evidence of means of subsistence (if the host will financially support the guest)

•   Proof of home / flat ownership or rental contract

•   Flight itinerary for US visa application – You can submit dummy ticket as proof of flight itinerary.

•   Affidavit of Support – which is a USCIS Form I-134, available on the USCIS website. This should be submitted only in case the host plans to financially support the guest.