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Schedule a visa appointment is necessary before applying a Germany visa because all visa applications are accepted only if you have made prior appointment. Find out information how to make an appointment for applying Germany visa.

The German Embassy points out that appointments can neither be booked by telephone nor by email. All appointments are scheduled through free online system.

Make sure you have suitable browser that is incompatible with the appointment booking system.

Choose the right category “Visa appointment” (not “German Passport and ID-Card”!) and choose the correct sub-category “Schengen Visa” or “Residence Visa”. If you book an appointment in the wrong category, your booking cannot be considered and will be deleted without further notice.

When you are filling information on booking online system, your appointment will be cancelled if you miss your assigned slot by more than 20 minutes.

Holders of US travel documents issued as refugee travel documents do not require a visa to travel to Germany for tourism, transit, or business.

Once you have made an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number, date and time of your appointment. It is recommended you read the information provided on our website carefully in order to be fully prepared for your appointment as incomplete applications cannot be accepted.