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Traveling to Spain will be a great chance for you to explore this beautiful country. However, there are many special things you should know before entering this country to avoid problems or disappointment.

1. Spain is not small

Spain is vast and diverse country both in culture and geography. There are many places for you to explore not just one or two famous points. Plan you trip carefully to explore Spain as much as you can in your trip.

2. Some of the best views are not quite where you’d expect

There are some best views are not quite as beautiful as you would expect. We will suggest a great tip that may help you find the best place to visit. You should ask the locals or the receptionist at your hotel because no one know where is the best spots than the locals.

3. Let’s move out of the cities

Don’t just stay in the cities, there are a lots things out of the cities to see. The beautiful Mediterranean coast, mountainous Basque region and the plains around Madrid all provide ample stomping ground for us travellers to see and explore a different aspect of this stunning country.

4. The love of Siestas is real and deep!

A siesta is a pretty big deal in Spain. Usually, around 1-4pm, many shops, offices and restaurants will shut their doors for a little afternoon kip. Remember this time to chill-out and relax… or even enjoy a cheeky siesta yourself, after all it’s your holiday!

5. You’re going to eat late!

One special thing that you should know is that dinner is usually much later than its Northern European neighbours. In Spain, dinner will usually start around 10pm for locals and can last a few hours.

6. Spain isn’t just Spanish

Don’t think that Spain has one national identity! Catalonia and the Basque region both have very strong identities that people are very rightly proud of. The language, food, culture and even architecture changes quite dramatically depending on where you are. If you’re visiting Barcelona, for instance, learning a little Catalan is always a nice little nod to the region and its proud people!

7. You’ve got to have Pan Con Tomate for breakfast

If you don’t know what to eat for breakfast. We suggest you to enjoy a Pan Con Tomate for breakfast. It’s such a delicious breakfast and it fills you up royally before you traipse around the towns.

8. Eat where locals eat!

One of the biggest things I learned about Spain (and with other countries I’ve visited) is that you should follow in the footsteps of locals. If you see a restaurant filled with locals, don’t mind to try and go there –you will not be disappointed.

9. Look out for pick pockets in Barcelona

It’s not specific to Barcelona but like any large urban destiantion, petty crime does exist. Be sensible by keeping your belongings in front of you and not filling your back pockets with gold bullions, diamonds or that precious chocolate bar.

10. You can ski in Spain

Spain isn’t just sun, sea and sand! You can actually ski in Spain too! One great place to show off your skiing skills is just outside Granada in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the certain time of year, you can come here to ski.

11. Flights can be cheaper than trains

It seems logical but true. If you’re travelling long distances, you will probably find that flights (with low cost airlines) are much cheaper than a return fare on the train. This can be a convenient way to save time if you want to visit a place for a weekend whilst on a bigger trip in beautiful Spain.

12. Do Download a free offline walking map

Exploring a destination on foot is a great way to explore a new place. However, you should  download a free offline walking map to avoid getting lost.