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Czech Republic is also a tourist attraction in Europe tour. Located in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country steeped in history. It’s been populated for thousands of years and is a land dotted with castles, medieval towns, beautiful mountains, ancient ruins, and world-class wineries.

1. Language

The language in the Czech Republic is Czech, which is nothing like German, English or Spanish. However, don’t be worried, most young people in the Czech Republic learn English and often German, so you can probably get by OK, especially in the heavily touristy areas.

2. Money

Czech Republic currency is the Czech Korun. You’ll get approximately 20 Korun to 1 US Dollar, or 27 Korun to 1 Euro. In Czech Republic, cash is king, you should go to the bank or for the best exchange rate. However, you can use a credit card in the most places.

3. Avoid Cabs and Taxis

There are many scam taxis that take advantage of tourists. They are particularly prevalent at the airport, train station, and popular tourists spots in the city center. These drivers use include quoting overly high prices, take long, scenic routes, use faulty meters, and demand higher fares than agreed upon at the end of the ride. You should use public transport instead of taxis or cabs.

4. Beware of pickpockets

Prague has one of the highest rates of pickpocketing in Europe, therefore you should beware of this risk and take measures to protect yourself from being a pickpocket’s victim in the Czech. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in the tourist areas, subway and tram cars.

5. Beer is cheaper than Water

The Czech Republic has some of the best, cheapest beer in the world. Right now, at your average local Czech Republic pub, a pint of pilsner costs about $1. Water goes for about $2. Beer is cheaper than water in restaurants and this is another reason why people prefer it to other drinks.

6. Tipping is a norm

You should tip at around 10% of the bill. Othewise, round the bill up to the nearest 10.

7. Smoking is allowed in door and in dining area.

This is really a bad news for the non-smokers. So don’t be surprise if you see someone are smoking when you have your dinner in restaurant.

8. Most museums are closed on Monday and many Shops are closed on Sunday.

Remember this information, it may affect your itinerary of your trips. 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, are the general shopping hours in the Czech Republic. Most the restaurant open until 21:00 or latest to 22:00. Beyond that, you must find the fast foods.

9. Russian dolls are not local.

You can see many souvenir shop sell these dolls, it will make tourists think they are local souvenirs. If you are looking for some local souvenir, buy some Czech marionettes and puppets instead.