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Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, is located south of Turkey and to the southeast of Greece. Cyprus seems to offer you everything that you need for a holiday: sandy beaches, historical sites, delicious cuisine and a pleasant climate. Below are top reasons why you should choose Cyprus for your vacation.

1. Fantastic Weather

This country has pleasant climate which draw many people come and living here. The island of Cyprus is blessed with long summers and short mild winters. This beautiful weather make the opportunity for people to get out and enjoy their surroundings. Rain appears mainly in winter, with summer being generally dry. But you can still find snow if you get to the Troodos Mountains in the central part of island

2. The laidback lifestyle and pace of life

Like other Mediterranean countries, the life in Cyprus is not too busy. The local tend to take advantage of the opportunities to take life at a slower pace. They make use of the time to enjoy the life with family and friend. This is really a good place for you to rest.

3. Few crowds and plenty of space

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, then Cyprus should be an ideal choice. The total population of Cyprus is around 850,000, and with around three quarters of those inhabitants living in the five main residential areas, it’s easy to see that despite the small size of the island, there is in fact quite a lot of room.

4. English is widely spoken

The majority of people in Cyprus speak English, however, if you want to get well with the locals try to learn some Cyprus. English is more used in high level conversation.

5. Plenty of fresh air with low pollution levels

There is little heavy industry in Cyprus; so the air, land and water do not contain industrial pollution. The air will more fresh and cleaner for breath. You can walk along the beaches and breath the fresh air to enjoy the wonderful life.

6. Peaceful society with low crime rates

Cyprus is a very safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Reported incidents of violent crime are very low on the island. It is more comfortable when you travel to a safe country like Cyprus.

7. Clean beaches and sparkling sea

Cyprus is the third largest island in Mediterranean Sea. Cypriot beaches are a sight to behold with clean, crystal clear water, giving you the treat of a lifetime.

8. Great traditional dishes

Cyprus is mostly made up of Greeks; and Turks comprise a smaller percentage, which makes most Cypriot dishes Greek and Turkish. When you visit Cyprus, you will get a chance to sample their favourite starter meal known as mezedes. This is made up of a variety of up to 20 smaller dishes that are mainly fish, meat, and vegetables. You can also try the spicy Loukaniko sausages, one of the mouth-watering food in Cyprus.

9. Cultural Diversity

The island nation is made up mainly of Greeks, who comprise about 78% of the population, and Turks, who account for about 18% of the Cypriots. While visiting Cyprus, it will seem like you have toured two countries instead of one.