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When your US visa is expired, it is time to reapply it. How to renew US visa? This article will explain to you how to renew your visa! Read it if you want to visit the USA again! There is one thing you should remember that you only can reapply the same type of visa issued for you. For example, if you have an expired tourist visa, then you can only reapply for a tourist visa. There is no other possibility to renew your visa. Also, there are many important regulations that you should notice when you want to renew your visa below:

You can not reapply for a US visa if you have not already received a visa previously to the USA;

You can not reapply if your visa has been expired for more than twelve months. So remember to check your visa validity and renew it before too late.

You can not reapply for another visa class, for exemple, you can not apply for work visa if your expired visa is student visa.

The visa you want to renew must be for multiple entries into the U.S and must have a longer validity than one year.

You can not reapply visa if your passport has expired

It is impossible to reapply your visa if you have any legal problems when you visited USA previously.

You should be at least fourteen years old when your last visa expired, or you will need to be at least fourteen by the time you get your new visa;

If you have failed the last visa interview; you can not get your new visa.

You can`t apply for visa renewal if you haven`t paid all the necessary fees for the visa. You can`t also apply if your receipts have spelling or number mistakes.

You must fulfill all the requirements for the visa you want to renew. This means that you must also check the requirements of the individual visa. If you had a B-1 visa and want to renew the B-1 visa, you must check that you are still eligible to have it.

Finally, you must apply for a visa renewal from your home country. When your visa expires, you must return to your country of residence and apply for a renewal from there.


You should gather all supporting documents then start apply for renewal visa as following steps:

You must make the payments of all the U.S visa fees specific to your visa.

Submit the Form DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. You submitted this form in the beginning, and you must fill it out again. When you complete it, you will get the confirmation page and number, which you need to save for your supporting documents.

You can fill the DS-160 form online through:

    • the Consular Electronic Application Center, or
    • by using the services of a third party company such as TravelAssist.

Send in your supporting documents to the U.S Embassy where you are applying. If you qualified for the visa interview waiver, then you can just mail the following documents:

    • Your passport which is valid for 6 months after your intended departure from the U.S
    • Any previous expired passports with U.S visas in them
    • Two photographs which meet the Photo Requirements.
    • Your Form DS-160 confirmation page
    • Receipts which prove you have paid all the visa fees
    • Schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.
    • Any other supporting documents depending on your visa type.

If you do not qualify for the visa interview waiver, then you will also have to schedule your visa interview and attend it. The interview will be similar to the one you did when you applied for the first time.


The time required to process your visa renewal depends the type of visa you previously applied.

You should expect to have an answer within around 10 days from the U.S Embassy on whether you were approved for the visa or not. Then your passport will also be mailed to you with your visa stamped on it.


A renewed visa is similar to the previous visa you got the first time. The validity period for it depends on the type of visa, and it will expire afterwards again. However, depending on the type of visa, you can renew it or extend it for a longer period of time.