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There’s no shortage of reasons to fall in love with Japan. Whether you’re hunting down top eats in Tokyo and Osaka or basking in the country’s stunning landscapes, it’s impossible to take it all in in one visit. But you’ll certainly have a good time trying.

Japan is a country growing from many difficulties in the past which make people around the world admire. Let’s see what make Japanese people famous around the world.

1. Japanese people

Japan is famous for its education. From an early age, Japanese people have been taught discipline, co-operation and respect. Everything in Japan from the home to the streets are very neatly organized. Japanese people are also very friendly and hospitable to the tourists.

2. Japanese food

Comming to Japan, you should not miss the chance to try Japanese foods. Most of them are very nice and yummy. Indeed, it’s not just Japanese cuisine like sushi and ramen that shines in Japan. Japanese culinary professionals are so passionate about their craft, and Japanese ingredients are so good, that you will find some of the world’s best pastries, pizzas, curries, cocktails, coffee, and more!

Apart from being delicious, Japanese food is on the whole extremely healthy, and incredibly diverse

3. Japanese Culture


Japanese culture has many different uniquely interesting aspects, both modern and traditional, such as: cuisine, architecture, performing arts, fashion, anime, manga and Geisha. On the one hand Japanese culture is immersed in a rich history and deep traditions dating back thousands of years; on the other Japanese society is one that is in a continual state of rapid change, and is continuously evolving with new trends in fashion, technology and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

4. Safety and Peace in Japan

Japan is a safe country. It is ranked 26th on the ranking of world’s safest countries. There are pickpockets all over the world, but even in big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto, there just aren’t very many. The same goes for violence – crime is basically nonexistent in Japan. On the whole, Japan is so safe that it’s commonplace to hear stories from travelers of lost items returned unharmed.

5. Japanese efficiency

There are many things to talk about Japanese efficiency, but I today just want to show an exemple is the way they solve and overcome the difficulties. They quickly solve the consequences of World War 2, nuclear bomb explosion in Hirosima and Nagasaki, a lot of earthquakes and tsunamis. After these difficulty, Japan is still growing rapidly and stably.

6. Cleanese in Japan

Japan remains to be one of the cleanest places to live in despite having some of its own environmental issues. In Japan there is definitely a prevailing idea that clean is good. From children having to clean their own schools to ritualized shinkansen cleaning, it doesn’t take long for a tourist to suspect there is something behind all these sweeping, wiping, sanitizing busy bodies who don’t lick stamps and who take shoes off before entering a building. Generally Japanese people don’t expect others to take care of their waste They’ve been taught that you should always take responsibility of your own mess and take any garbage you create home with you to dispose of.