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Qatar was known as the most open country in the Middle East and 8th most open country in the world following a string of visa facilitation measures introduced by the country, including allowing nationals of 81 countries to enter Qatar visa-free and free-of-charge.

As anouncement in 2017, there 81 countries’s citizens can enter Qatar with visa on arrival. The requirement for getting this visa are six months validity and a confirmed return or onward ticket.

There are 3 new points that indians entering Qatar with visa on arrival should pay attention:

Firstly,  nationals of India can obtain on-arrival tourist visa facility spend up to 30 days in Qatar which is not be extendable. Previously Indians could extend the visa and stay in Qatar for a total of 60 days.

The second point that has been changed is that it is now mandatory that the applicant must be in possession of a valid credit card in the name of the traveller or in name of the male head of the family.

And the last new point, along with the previous requirements, indian applicants must provide a confirmed hotel reservation for the passenger.


According to the Ministry of Interior, you have to meet the following terms and conditions to be eligible for the on arrival visa.

Passport must be valid for at least six months from the arrival date.

Confirmed Return ticket.

Confirmed Hotel reservation for the passenger.

Applicant must be in possession of a valid credit card or debit card (mandatory to present a valid credit card/debit card in the name of the traveler, for family’s only for the paterfamilias).

The duration of the visa cannot be extended beyond 30 days.

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