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Writing an Invitation letter for US visa application in some case is not a requirement but it can help smooth the way. If you are US citizens and you have a friend or relative who seeks to come to the U.S. as a tourist (on a B-2 visa), you may be able to help the person by writing a letter of invitation for them.

You can give this letter to your friend or relative to take along to the U.S. consulate when her or she presents the application for a U.S. visitors’ visa. But do you know how to write an invitation as requirement?

Before starting to write the letter, you should keep in mind that your letter must contain the following ideas:

Purpose of the planned visit, including what places you will visit

How long the visitor will be staying with you or where you’ve made arrangements for him or her to stay

Whether you will be covering the person’s transportation to and from the United States, and

How much of the person’s expenses in the U.S., if any, you plan to cover.

There are, be that as it may, dependable techniques to showing an application for a visitor visa that have a high probability of consummation in progress. Follow the means underneath to guarantee a high probability of achievement:

Stage 1. Consider why you are going to visit the U.S. You will make a story for the visa official (a genuine story, obviously). The story will in the long run meet up as a reasonable, strong, and exhaustive arrangement of actualities that you won’t before it slips long’s mind. The story will demonstrate valuable to you when the ideal opportunity for your visa talk with moves around. Is your visit going to be for business, joy, or both? Be clear about the explanation you are visiting

Stage 2. Be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt about the time allotment of your visit to the U.S. Try not to be in a circumstance where you would state something like, “I’m not so much sure when I need to leave the U.S." That circumstance would not be useful for the story you are creating. Rather, pick a date. Pick two dates, indeed. Realize your flight date and realize your appearance date.

Stage 3. Acquire a greeting letter from the individual with whom you will remain in the U.S. Numerous traveler visa candidates stop at this progression, obviously thinking something along the lines of, “The U.S. government will accept my U.S. resident companion!" Hardly. The U.S. government gives a lot of credit to a greeting letter without anyone else. In any case, get the letter.

Stage 4. Accumulate a while of past bank proclamations, which show a measure of cash adequate to support yourself while in the U.S. A sum identical to a couple thousand dollars is likely adequate. The significant thing to recall here is that the visa official is searching for consistency in your financial balance.

Stage 5. Perceive that your age might be either a gift or a revile with respect to the likeliness of achievement in your visa meet. Generally, individuals in their mid 20s are more averse to be allowed a visitor visa than individuals in their late 60s. If all else fails about your plan to move to the U.S., the visa official will take a gander at your history of movement. On the off chance that your arranged excursion to the U.S

Stage 6. Recall your story? This is the ideal opportunity to consider the following piece of your story, which is the reason you need, for sure need, to come back to your nation of origin subsequent to visiting the U.S. Do you have kids in your nation of origin who depend on your help? Do you have guardians who depend on your help? Do you possess property that requirements tending to? Do you have an occupation that you have to come back to? These are the sorts of things you should concentrate on, and add to the rundown of certainties in your story. Simply enlightening the visa official concerning these ties isn’t sufficient; you should give documentation to demonstrate them.

Stage 7. Your story should now be sufficiently finished to rehearse before companions or family. Request that your fake questioners pose you intense inquiries about the reason for your visit to the U.S. Become acclimated to offering the responses, and ensure your answers don’t contrast from the story you have created. With a little practice, your odds of being conceded a traveler visa develop colossally.

Stage 8. Converse with a migration lawyer authorized to specialize in legal matters in the U.S. Numerous U.S. movement lawyers use Skype to counsel with abroad customers. A movement lawyer will enhance the proposals given in this article, and can even assist you with getting ready for your up and coming visa meet.

Below you can find two samples of invitation letter for US visa. The sponsor must address a letter to the consular officer and another one to the US visa applicant. They can write this letter to invite parents, relatives, friends, and any other guest.

Sample Of Letter Of Invitation Addressed To The Consular Officer

United States Consulate General
[Address of the Consulate]

Dear Honorable Consul,

[Visitor’s Name] – PASSPORT NO XXXXXXXX – Born on [Visitor’s Date of Birth]

My name is [Host’s Name], residing at [Host’s Address] and I am a United States citizen (or lawful permanent resident alien).

I am requesting that you issue a tourist (B-2) visa to [Visitor’s Name] who resides at [Visitor’s Address]. This is to allow him to visit me in the United States. We have known and been friends for the past 3 years and I would like him to visit me this summer.

[Visitor’s Name] will be visiting me from [Date of Entry] to [Date of Exit]. This will be a great time because we will both be off work at this time. During his / her stay in the United States, he/she will stay with me at my home at the address stated above.

I will be responsible for his / her accommodation expenses while he / she is in the United States. Upon the termination of his / her visit, he / she will return to [Visitor’s Hometown].

[Visitor’s Name] will be presenting this letter to you, together with other evidence to establish his close ties with [Visitor’s Home Country], and to assure you that he / she will return prior to the expiration of his / her stay in the United States.

Your kind consideration of this request will be highly appreciated.

Yours Truly,
[Host’s Name]
[Host’s Address]
[Host’ Phone Number]
[Host’s signature]


Sample Of Letter Of Invitation Addressed To The Guest

[Host’s name]
[Full address]
Phone Numbers:
(Work): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
(Home): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
Email: [email address]

[Visitor’s name]
[Visitor’s Address]

Dear [Visitor],
I invite you to visit us and spend your vacation in USA with us. We have planned to visit famous tourist places like [name of tourist places to visit]. It will also be an opportunity for you to see and experience the American culture and lifestyle.

I will be taking care of your entire USA tour expenses, including the round trip airfare food, housing, medical insurance and all your other personal expenses.

Herewith I am sending all the required documents for getting the necessary tourist visa from the US Consulate, [Name of US Consulate, e.g. Mumbai Consulate]

[Host ‘s name]
[Host’s signature]

Additional Documents

Because invitation letter is not a requirement, you should prepare some additional documents to send alongside with it. Still, it would be very thoughtful if the applicant submitted any of the following documents alongside with the Letter of Invitation:

  • A scanned copy of host’s ID / passport
  • Evidence of means of subsistence (if the host will financially support the guest)
  • Proof of home / flat ownership or rental contract
  • Flight itinerary for US visa application – You can submit dummy ticket as proof of flight itinerary.
  • Affidavit of Support – which is a USCIS Form I-134, available on the USCIS website. This should be submitted only in case the host plans to financially support the guest.