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1. Overview

Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Whether you want to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa or a Visit Visa, the first thing you need to do is to obtain a copy of the application form and then fill it out appropriately. You can find a copy in the agency at which you will be applying. But you can also download the file here with the following instructions.

2. Types of Visa Application Form

Evisa Online Form

Japan is preparing to launch its electronic visa system. So, as long as you are eligible for an eVisa, you can apply online quickly and easily. The electronic visa system works for many countries. Basically, all you need to do is go online and fill in an application form. You should contact the Japanese embassy or consulate in your local to check out if you can use evisa or not.

Paper Visa Application Form

You can download the visa application form here then print and sign it. Below are the list of Japan application visa form in many languages:

Japan visa application form in English

Japan visa application form in Chinese (traditional)

Japan visa application form in Chinese (simplified)

Japan visa application form in Korean

Japan visa application form in Portuguese

Japan visa application form in Spanish

3. Guidelines for Completing the Form

– Complete the form either by hand or electronically. Either is accepted. If you go the hand-written route, make sure that you write in block letters and that they are readable.

In fields that don’t apply to you, write NA. Don’t leave any field blank.

Print the form in an A4-size paper. Other sizes will be rejected.

Paste a photo on the designated area. PASTE! DO NOT STAPLE! The photo must have been taken within the past 6 months.

–  Use a black pen or font. Do not use pencil or one of those erasable pens.

–  Avoid erasures! If it can’t be helped, use double line (2 strikethroughs). If there are too many erasures, start over. Never ever use correction tape or liquid.

NOTE : The Visa application form should be completely filled and signed by Visa applicant and not another person. If the visa applicant is a minor (under 18), the application must be signed by a person having parental authority and their relationship should be included in parentheses (father, mother, guardian). If the visa applicant cannot sign, a cross may be used.

We strongly recommend that you verify critical information unique to your trip with the relevant embassy before travel. Check your eligibility before you apply. If you are eligible to apply you will find guidance on how to complete your application and the evidence you need to provide within the online application.